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Aura Stealth Drone (KD Interactive) Giveaway!

Eliminate the frustration of traditional joystick  controllers and start the fun right out of the box with an easier, more amazing way to fly! The Aura Stealth drone is a telekinetic, gesture-controlled toy drone. Wearing a special Gesturebotics™ controller, kids pilot the drone by simply moving their hands-just like a superhero! Kids can fly Aura Stealth up and down, forward and backward, left and right, and even perform cool tricks like a sideways flip--all with just the wave of a hand! Auto Takeoff and Auto Landing get kids airborne faster and ensure a safe landing. Enter to win one now!

Learn more about the Aura Stealth Drone!

Infinifun My First Yoga Mat (KD Kids) Giveaway!

Balance, breathe and move with the Infinifun My First Yoga Mat! Play together as your little yogi builds concentration and body awareness, develops coordination, balance and fine motor skills, and masters basic yoga poses with the help of your yoga instructor, BitsyBot. The interactive yoga mat has 16 touch-sensitive pads that respond to little hands and feet for interactive game play. For bilingual fun, switch the My First Yoga Mat into Spanish Mode to hear all the game prompts in Spanish. Enter to win a yoga mat here!

Learn more about the yoga mat!

Songs With My Name Giveaway!

Personalized albums in physical CD and digital download formats featuring classic characters singing and speaking their names in songs and stories that everyone knows and loves! The seamless integration of the child's name makes for a jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring moment when they first hear themselves being called by name by Mickey, Elmo, the Disney Princesses, and others! Use code "SACRAMENTO15" to get 15% off on their website, or enter here to win a customized CD!

Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink Giveaway!

Sharpen your skates and get ready to perfect your triple axel!
The 27th season of the Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink is
bigger and better than ever, they are open daily, through Jan.
21 at 7th and K streets in downtown Sacramento. We are giving away a four pack of tickets to the ice rink, enter by 12/19!

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You can enter to win multiple prizes with a single submission.

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