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Chalk & Chuckles Keychain Doll Kit
Use the guided instructions or get creative and make your own designs to produce each of the 15 wooden bead keychain dolls, the rest is up to you. Use the collection of colorful ribbons, yarn and threads included in this kit to give these dolls a truly spectacular makeover. Once the fancy frocks are made, use the brush pens to draw on your doll’s facial features. You can even sell the finished creations to collect funds for a cause you believe in, reminding children of their power and the BIG difference their actions can make!

The Dictionary of Difficult Words by Jane Solomon
What is a bumbershoot? Or a moonbow? And what does it mean when someone absquatulates...? Test your knowledge with more than 400 words to amaze, confuse and inspire budding wordsmiths (children and adults alike!). All of the words featured in this book are difficult to spell, hard to say, and their meanings are obscure to most people. Written with simple, easy-to-understand definitions, this dictionary celebrates the beauty of the English language for family trivia time spent around the printed page.

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You can enter to win multiple prizes with a single submission.

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