Tips for Busy Tooth Fairies

An Interview with Miss Meadow, a Tooth Fairy for the Ministry of Molars

We talked to Miss Meadow from the Ministry of Molars, who shares, “The role of a Tooth Fairy isn’t always easy.” She reminds us, “The best thing about your child’s Tooth Fairy days is that they are happening when their imagination is still strong, so anything that you add to your family’s Tooth Fairy story will only nurture it.”

For example, let’s tackle the super skeptical child who will ‘forget’ to tell you they lost a tooth to see if the Tooth Fairy is real, or will straight up ask, “…but is she REAL?.”

One fun way to respond to them ‘forgetting to tell you’, is to play them a video from their Tooth Fairy. You’ll want to visit the link, that explains that the secret entrance was closed so your tooth fairy couldn’t pick up your tooth because they forgot to tell their grown-up! All the videos are free, and were recorded by Happily Ever Laughter’s professional children’s entertainers, so they actually aren’t painful to watch as an adult. They have many ‘whimsical’ apologies to choose from, my favorite being the one that actually inspires them to clean their room before their Tooth Fairy shows up!

Another magical way of making your family’s Tooth Fairy story special is by just being honest. If they ask, “Is the Tooth Fairy real?,” try saying, “I was keeping it a secret, but guess what…I AM your Tooth Fairy! There are actually a LOT of Tooth Fairies. It’s a big job.”

You can stay on the honesty train (without derailing the magic) by answering their follow up questions like, “Do you change sizes when you are a Tooth Fairy?”, with, “You know, I haven’t actually looked at myself in the mirror when I’m your Tooth Fairy, so I don’t really know!”. You’ll be surprised at how children actually take this honesty extremely positively, and still consider it ‘magical’.

Next time you need to quickly transform your child’s face from being full of worry, to full of wonder, visit They’ve got your back (errm…wings?).

You Heard It From the Tooth Fairy!
Watch your child’s face light up as they receive a video message from a whimsical tooth fairy, here are a few videos that are ready to share, enjoy!
Video of Fairy responding to child not telling an adult
They need to clean their room video

Learn more about Happily Ever Laughter’s fairytale experiences at and see more videos from the Tooth Fairies at the Ministry of Molars by visiting

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