Spooky Monster Eyes

By Lady DIY

I’m always on the lookout for ways to decorate for Halloween that are spooky enough to satisfy my kids’ desire for scary decorations, but not so scary that I can’t sleep at night! This month’s craft is a quick and easy way to add a some spooky fun to your front yard.

Supplies Needed:
Styrofoam balls
Twist tie
Black acrylic paint and paintbrush
Hot glue gun

Step 1: Insert one toothpick into two Styrofoam balls to connect the balls together. About half of the toothpick should be in each ball.

Step 2: Wrap a twist tie around the toothpick, leaving the ends sticking out.

Step 3: Pull the Styrofoam balls apart slightly, leaving the toothpick inserted. Apply a small dab of hot glue at one end of the toothpick, and then press the two Styrofoam balls together and allow the glue to dry.

Step 4: Use the black acrylic paint to add small circles or ovals to create pupils. Let dry.

Step 5: Using the twist tie, attach the eyes to a shrub and get ready for a spooky good time!

Lady DIY lives in Rocklin and stays at home with her three boys. When she’s not too busy with DIY projects around the house, she enjoys gardening, fitness and living the glamorous life of a baseball/soccer/football mom.

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