Rules for School Drop-off and Pick-up

By Sumiti Mehta

The morning scene we all witness while dropping our kids to school is a line of different cars in a circle around the campus, dropping kids in chosen zones. And, there is also line of cars waiting to get inside the school stretched up the block on the road.

Stress levels usually run high during mornings. The pressure from enraged parents, who are in a rush and are trying to move their cars, has caused accidents at the drop off. This morning stress usually impacts our mood almost throughout the day.

So, for all of the parents who want to start the day bright with positive energy should follow these strong rules of dropping and picking kids from car line.

Let’s help school staff to keep our kids safe during rush hour:

Exit from Passenger side.
Students should EXIT and SIT from the Passenger side of the vehicle ONLY. Cars moving in the bypass lane make exiting from the driver’s side extremely dangerous.

Don’t double park.
Even if you see your kid, stay in your line. Sign at them to stay at the designated zone of pick up rather than asking them to move.

Do NOT get out of your car.
Only wave your child who is in the line or a friend who could be in front of your car or behind your car. Move when the car in front of you moves, you move.

Leave the PDA at home.
We all love our babies (who could be either in elementary or middle school), but say your “Goodbyes” in the car before you make a stop to drop them off. Leave as soon as car in front of you moves because there are cars behind you waiting to move.

Put down that cellphone.
We all know it’s dangerous to text or type while driving but doing at the school zone while dropping or picking your child has been one of the major causes of accidents. People on their phones often DONT see children rushing out between cars and also if cars in front of them has moved.

Move Quickly.
Once you have your kids in the car please get moving. They can give you the description of their day while you are driving. The discussion necessarily does not have to be as soon as your child gets in the car ☺.

We (all parents and guardians) are adults. We know better and we are taught since preschool “how to form or stay in a line”. It’s not that complicated. A little politeness and discipline goes a long way in the car lane (and beyond). Remember, our children are seeing us every day. So let’s try to set a good example and follow the rules of safety for our kids!

Sumiti is a Natomas based mother of two boys. She is a very involved parent and community member and has been nominated three times for NFactor Community awards for her work with kids, schools and the community. She also volunteers as a tutor for a non-profit organization, “Reading Partners Sacramento”. On weekends and holidays, her family loves to take hiking trips.

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