Meet our Cover Kid Search Winner, Ella!

By Shannon Smith
Photography by Crystal Jones Photography

With an infectious smile that dazzled the camera at our Cover Kid Search event, we were happy to see that Ella was just as bubbly, bright and cheery when we met up with Crystal Jones Photography for the cover photo shoot for this issue. She was excited to take pictures, dance around, make faces and be a star while her brother, parents and grandma proudly cheered her on.

Her mom shares, “She is so funny and will catch you off guard with some of her comments.” Ummmm….yep, she certainly was not holding back with adorable friendly chatter as we made our way around Downtown Roseville.

We asked Ella’s mom, Holly to share some of Ella’s favorite things and here is what she had to say about the spunky two-year-old from Antelope. Ella loves to color, take care of her baby dolls and make food in her pretend kitchen. She especially likes the color red, her favorite animal is a bear and she really likes the Disney Jr. character, Vampirina (which she pronounces, Gramparina). She likes to eat soup and bread and enjoys playing with playdough, She loves her older brother, Leo (she would have had him in all her pictures if she could) and she has fun rough housing with their family dog, a Labrador Retriever.

Ella loves to chat, she is full of ideas and Holly often hears her enter a room and say, “Kids listen, I have an idea…” She’s also quite the dancer, she loves to dance in her carseat and every song that comes on is “her song”. She’s very caring and is sure to put her baby dolls to bed every night. She knows two languages (Armenian and English) and already knows all her body parts, the whole alphabet can count to 10 and recognizes numbers, too!

We are so glad Ella’s mom was watching Good Day Sacramento when we were announcing the Cover Kid Search and that they decided to come out and enter this year, she rocked it in her cute boots!

Of course, choosing one winner at this event is always SO INCREDIBLY TOUGH and we met over 90 amazing kids this year! In case you missed the gallery of participants, we wanted to share some of our other favorite photogenic kiddos from the day! In no particular order, here are our amazing finalists.

Layla is two and a half, she loves the color yellow and her favorite thing to eat is scrambled eggs and avocado. She also really enjoys gymnastics. When we asked her what superpower she would love to have she said, “To be a Disney Princess, because they get to wear princess dresses and sing songs every day.” Layla is all about the princesses these days and it’s no surprise that she was looking like royalty at the Cover Kid Search.

This five-year-old’s sweet personality was beaming in front of the camera. In addition to her sweet personality, she seems to have a sweet tooth and loves ice cream, cake and pancakes. We get it Valeriya, who doesn’t? Her superpower would be to fly, but she adds, “I’d also like to be very strong so I can protect people”. Valeriya also enjoys coloring and watching movies with her family.

Austin is two and a half years old and has quite the imagination. When we asked him what his superpower would be, he said, “I have blue superpowers. You can’t see it, it’s under here [rubs arm]. I can build things. All of them.” We loved his style at the event and we learned that he really likes to eat cucumbers and his favorite color is purple. He also has a little sister (sissy) that he adores and he is always up for playing with his toys.

This seventeen month-old is really into monster trucks. He loves his Daddy’s monster truck and goes around saying “vroom, vroom” like the truck. Considering how excited he gets when he sees big trucks, you might be able to guess what his superpower would be. Luke would choose to transform into a monster truck! He can often be spotted driving around the park in his little Jeep. He also loves the color blue and to eat mandarins (lots of them)!

Alexia recently turned three and can’t wait to start reading. She even chose reading as her superpower wish. She really like the color purple, dancing and playing with her little sister. She also enjoys eating blueberries and tomatoes. We couldn’t help but notice her great curls, too!

Kensley is fifteen months old and her mom thinks she would choose to have a superpower that has to do with dancing. She shares, “She dances all the time and loves it!” Kensley really likes the colors pink and gold, dancing (yep, we’ll say it one more time) and gymnastics. She loves blueberries and mac’n cheese. Sounds like Kensley has great taste!

Aiden turns five this month! Happy Birthday! Aiden likes the color red, he loves to eat chicken and pretending to be different dinosaurs. We asked Aiden what his superpower would be and his mom said, “The ability to turn into any animal because then he could scare all the bad guys.” Aiden looked like a natural in front of the camera, what a great smile!

Swaraat is a happy, friendly, fourteen month-old boy. He loves his toys and books and reading time is one of his favorite activities. Swaraat also enjoys independent playtime, going out for drives, playing on the swings at the park and getting cuddled by his mom and dad. He likes to eat rice, yogurt and blueberries and he is attracted to the color yellow!

Mila is eight months old. Her mom thinks that Mila’s super power would be, “to be able to get anywhere her curious mind desires without the hassle of crawling. Less baby steps…more exploring!” (Plus, there’s the added bonus of being able to fly away from Mama and Daddy when she’s getting into things she shouldn’t be, like the kitchen cabinets.) Mila’s attracted to bright colors and likes to eat just about anything, EXCEPT carrots! She also loves to sing! A few of her current favorite songs are Old MacDonald and The Wheels on the Bus. Her mom adds, “She even sings herself to sleep which is absolutely adorable”. Her “sissy,” Aria has also been a Cover Kid Finalist in the past.

Two-year-old, King has been a finalist before, we are glad he made it back this year. His mom shares, “We almost didn’t make it this year because King wet his pants and I couldn’t find another pair in his backpack. Luckily as I was looking everywhere in my car I found his swim trunks wedged between the seats. We ran in for the last hour. I let my six month-old daughter take pictures first who usually smiles all the time. She was doing tummy time which is not her favorite, then King ran up to the little ladder and stood on it and started smiling, laughing and yelling. He was so comfortable and happy I couldn’t believe it!” Just like last year, it’s like he knew what he was doing. He loves animals and music just like his mama. And dinosaurs, playdough and cars are some of his favorites at the moment.

Thanks to all that came out to Babies and Bumps and participated in the Cover Kid Search! It’s so much fun to meet the kiddos and their families. We will be doing it again on November 16, 2019 at the Citrus Heights Community Center, so save the date…we can’t wait to see you there!

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