Gratitude Tree

By Lady DIY

With Thanksgiving approaching, gratitude is often on our minds. While gratitude can be a tricky concept to teach youngsters, it’s also one of the most important. Being grateful shifts our focus from what is lacking or not ideal to what is already present and good in our lives.

Supplies Needed:
White Construction Paper (4 pieces)
Brown Construction Paper (1 piece)
Watercolors in yellow, orange and brown
Glue stick

Step 1: Using watercolors, paint one piece of white construction paper yellow, paint one piece orange, and paint one piece brown. Don’t worry about completely covering the paper – your leaves will look more interesting with some streaks. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Step 2: Cut out a tree trunk and simple branches from brown construction paper. Glue the tree trunk to the last piece of white construction paper.

Step 3: Using a leftover scrap of brown construction paper, create a leaf template that’s about one inch long.

Step 4: Trace the leaf template several times onto each of the watercolor-painted papers. To avoid visible pencil lines, trace onto the unpainted side of the paper. Cut out leaves.

Variation 1: For each day of November, ask your child to come up with one thing for which he or she is thankful and write it on a leaf. At the end of the month, you’ll have thirty leaves to glue to the tree.

Variation 2: If you’ll be seeing extended family or friends for the holiday, ask each person to write down one or two things for which he or she is thankful. Each leaf is then glued to the tree.

Bonus: Gratitude isn’t just for the month of November! At dinnertime each day, ask each family member to share “What are you most thankful for today?” This is great way to teach your kids (and to remind us adults!) to practice gratitude throughout the year.

Lady DIY lives in Rocklin and stays at home with her three boys. When she’s not too busy with DIY projects around the house, she enjoys gardening, fitness and living the glamorous life of a baseball/soccer/football mom.

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