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Sacramento Parent is 26 this year! We’re delighted to continue as the longest running, locally-owned parenting publication in the area. Still, we are ever grateful to loyal readers and advertisers. Nearly half our advertisers have been with us five years or longer, and that speaks for itself.

Request our media kit to find the tools you need to meet business goals and get the most reach in the local family market. The opportunities are numerous and exciting with our full portfolio of print and online resources!

Our web, e-newsletter and social media platforms are continuing to grow at a steady pace, and we know it’s important to build relationships with readers and provide immediate value to keep them coming back.

With an audited readership of over 112,000 we are dedicated to providing fresh content that appeals to today’s busy parents. Our goal is to continue to make parenting a little easier with expert tips, places to go for what they need, stories they can relate to and to continue to provide the largest calendar of local family-friendly events in the area.

It’s hard to spread the word, but we’re here to give you a hand. We’ve been helping local businesses for years–let us know how we can help you, too!

—the Sac Parent team


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Our editorial calendar serves as a general guide to drive relevant, consistent and organized content. Advertisers refer to our editorial calendar to target their specific market and writers use it to pitch ideas for timely placement.

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First impressions mean everything, especially in marketing, but they have to be sustained. Your message should be reinforced many times, through multiple channels. Email and social media are key advertising and marketing tools that can take your business to the next level.

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With over 112,000 readers each month,
Sacramento Parent delivers the most cost-effective print production advertising in the area. We’ve captured readers with crisp images, award-winning design and engaging editorial since 1992.

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Find limited time specials and offers for new and existing advertisers! Check in for regular bonus offers designed to give advertisers the most exposure at the best value. 

Web Rates has one of the biggest online audiences among local family sites in the Greater Sacramento area. This is fantastic news! Let us connect you with your target audience 24/7 through digital advertising.


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