A Font for Readers with Dyslexia

By Tannya Derby

As October is Dyslexia Awareness Month we wanted to share an update on MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing and their Dyslexie font books. They have been taking the books to book fairs and have been able to demonstrate how different the font is compared to traditional fonts and how it helps people with dyslexia read more confidently.

If you missed the past article featured in Sacramento Parent, Dyslexie font can be used by anyone. It helps people with dyslexia read more confidently and grasp concepts instead of having to focus on the letters themselves.

Christian Boer, a graphic designer and creator of the font, struggles with dyslexia and decided to change things. He took the alphabet, deconstructed it, and solved issues that are associated with dyslexia. So basically, he changed the way the patterns of the letters look to the eye and in doing so it changed the way the brain processes the image of letter.

The font itself can be useful not just for children with dyslexia, but also early readers and adults that struggle to read with confidence.

I, myself, have dyslexia and use the font on my computer (you can download it from www.Dyslexiefont.com). I have used this font for about two years and have found that I am now able to move between fonts more comfortably, but I still find that it is much easier for me to read in this font.

MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing is proud to announce that they have been approached by Follett School Solutions to have the books available for schools around the world so that they may help children that are struggling to read. They also have made ABC flashcards and are working on putting sight words on cards and in books. And currently, they are moving into publishing the classics from the public domain. The first classic will be Wizard of Oz, and then Alice in Wonderland.

If you are interested in seeing the books in person, MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing will be at Manteca Book fair on Oct 13th and the Bay Area Kids Festival Oct 20th & 21st. You can also find their collection and order books directly from www.mcp-store.com or Amazon.

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